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Illuminated Signage

Illuminate Your Business

When the sun goes down or sometimes even on a dark gloomy day shining light may be the only way of grabbing customer’s attention…

Whether you require a simple light box, built up illuminated letters or a sign fascia with combined lighting effects – our team is here to help.

If it comes to illuminated signage, we proudly call ourselves experts. We always use the latest LED technologies available on the market in order to achieve crisp, bright, uniform illumination.

Why LED illumination?

“Why LEDs?” you may ask, well there is a number of benefits they offer:
they are small in size and bright so can provide even illumination to small lettering where fluorescent or neon tube would not fit
they also are energy efficient and eco friendly comparing to the traditional light sources, LEDs are virtually maintenance free and their lifespan averages around 50.000 hours, modules that we use are waterproof and have necessary certification.

Simply Signs Northwest can create various lighting effects for signage. And will design the sign and illumination to bring your visions to life, We offer illuminated sign trays, light boxes, built up lettering with face or halo illumination in basic colours like white, warm white, yellow, red, green and blue, but also RGB colour changing and programmable RGB pixel controlled illuminations.

Majority of our works is internally lit but signs can also be externally illuminated by trough lights.

Please refer to our portfolio or facebook page to see samples of our work.


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