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Fascia Signs for shopfronts

Simply Signs Northwest can Design, fabricate or manufacture, supply and install Fascia Signs for shopfronts, factories, offices and all types of commercial property. A Fascia Sign in its simplest form would be comprised of Foam PVC or acrylic panels, either screwed to an existing surface, or fitted within an attractive aluminium extrusion. Aluminium extrusions can be supplied powder coated in a choice of colours, and are designed to allow simple removal of the panels.

Illuminated signbox

A more common type of Fascia Sign is an illuminated signbox, with opal white or coloured acrylic panels – View our Lightbox Page. This type of sign allows more scope for creative and eye-catching graphics, whilst providing 24hr advertising for your business. Flexible Face signs are similar to illuminated sign boxes but instead of acrylic, the face material is a special translucent flexible PVC. This type of sign can have a combination of digitally printed and vinyl graphics for outstanding effects.

1. Aluminium Composite Signs:

Prices depend on individual specifications – please call: 0845 269 2689

Aluminium composite signs give a modern feel to to signage. Aluminium Signs are lightweight, extremely strong and durable, do not expan and contract in variable temperatures and do not need heavy fixings. Also Aluminium signs can have cut outs that can be replaced with Perspex and illuminated. Aluminium signs can also be folded to hide any fixtures and frames that exist behind the sign.

Aluminium signs have a number of advantages over, more traditional signage. Hence their suitability in the commercial and high street retail environments.

  • Strength – being made from one single sheet aluminium panels are much stronger than plastics and have no joins or weak spots.
  • Durability – Aluminium signs are very durable and resistant to extremes of weather, accidents and vandalism
  • Temperature – There is negligable expansion and contraction with Aluminium signage compared to plastic.
  • Area – Because of their strength aluminium signs can be made very large without fear of sign failure.
  • Price – Aluminium signage solutions are very cost effective.

2. Frame Based Signs:

Prices depend on individual specifications – please contact us or tel: 0845 269 2689
Sign frames may seem an old-fashioned solution for shop fronts but they create a professional look with a limited budget – which explains their continued popularity.

What is a Sign Frame?

A Sign Frame is a picture frame shaped aluminium extrusion with 450 degree mitre joints at each corner. A common miss-conception is that a sign frame merely covers the main fixings used to attach the display panels to the building. As sign panels are often made from materials that will expand and contract as the temperature changes they need the space created by a Sign Frame to avoid buckling and warping. Sign Frames can also be used with lighting and 3D lettering.

3. Flexible Faced Signage:

  • Prices depend on individual specifications – please contact us or tel: 0845 269 2689
  • Flexible Faced Signage is the easiest way to create large signage as it uses no heavy materials – in fact it uses a strong PVC material strechted over a frame. This gives you all the advantages of printing – colour, imagery, depth etc.. but for outdoor use.

Advantages of Flexible Faced Signs:

  • Large Seemless Signs
  • Because the sign is printed onto fabric you can have very large seemless signs.
  • Light but Strong
  • Making it faster and easier to install and simple to clean
  • WIth Lightness comes Depth
  • The sign frame can be made very deep unlike other methods of signage because the frame is so light and strong – it can laso be illuminated

Signage Creation Process:

  • Meet, email or telephone to discuss look, feel and design of Signage
  • Client supplies us with (if any) ideas, colours, text, taglines, other liked Signage or designs
  • One or more Signage designs are created and emailed or posted to the client
  • Changes or improvements are made if needed
  • Signage made and installed by us or organised by client


The Signage design and making process can take as little as 5 working days depending on size and complexity of signs.

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